Why do most people lose their hair?

Do you know what makes you lose your hair now? This is a question that is asked by almost all patients with hair loss, and there are more answers to this question than the number of people asking for it. The only problem is that much of what you are told is not the complete truth.

Genetics is a major cause of hair loss that you hear from so-called “experts” and others “know everything”. Give me a break! If so, why are some men in a bald, white-headed family bright while others in the same immediate family have been training hair?

This is proof that there must be hidden things that can make you lose your hair. And there are many things. For example, one of the reasons that many men start having receding hair is because of a lack of blood circulation.

As you get older, your body stops moving as before. It will circulate much more slowly and the areas that were once well equipped might miss it significantly. It is therefore necessary to increase this blood flow in order to be able to compensate for the damage caused.

What I personally found effective is the use of oils like jojoba, henna and rosemary. If you massage them into your scalp, you are doing a great service. They are natural and work to increase blood flow and hair growth right where you need it.

So, before you think that your hair will fail, simply because they tend to flow into the family, think about what’s behind it, which could lead to baldness.

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